The Return of Hate By Numbers Is up to You

Seven months ago, AOL shut the doors on Asylum and I shut the doors on Hate by Numbers. Since then, I've been having a great time writing a weekly column over at and finishing a full novel version of Notes from the Internet Apocalypse and I'm going to continue to do so.

But two other things are happening as well. Part of me misses Hate By Numbers and all of me is broke.

And that's why I'm announcing the addition of a PayPal button to my Hate By Numbers site. Not as a means of begging for charity (unless that works) but in order to fund a new four episode mini-season of Hate By Numbers.

So here's the deal. I'm presently taking contributions at my site: (which is currently under reconstruction) and when they reaches $2,000. [click the DONATE BUTTON on the top left]. I'll make four new episodes. And then I'll go back to taking contributions for the next mini season. This way, I avoid the demands of a weekly grind by only working when the money is there, and I make it for the people who want it most.

How much to give? Well, I'll take whatever you give, but: for $10, you get your name in the credits;

for $100, you get your name announced up front as this week's sponsor; and

for $500, I will use your name in the opening logo. For example, if your name is Simon Johnson and you give me $500, the graphic will read Simon Johnson presents Hate By Numbers and that's what I'll call it.

for more than $500? I have no idea, but I'm willing to negotiate.

I am completely serious.

The bar is stocked and Hate By Numbers is open for business. How soon you start seeing new episodes is up to you.

Thank you all for all the support.


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